Judge Cannon Admonishes Jack Smith’s Prosecutor, Almost Tosses Him From Courtroom During Hearing Over Proposed Trump Gag Order

Judge Aileen Cannon Monday afternoon held a hearing on Jack Smith’s proposed gag orders against President Trump. Jack Smith was in the Fort Pierce courtroom on Monday taking notes.

After Monday’s hearing concluded, the judge did not issue a ruling on the gag order.

Earlier this month Jack Smith filed a motion seeking another gag order on Trump related to his statements on law enforcement over the Biden DOJ’s deadly force policy during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

President Trump’s lawyers lashed out at Jack Smith earlier this month in response to the special counsel’s second request for a gag order.

“In Jack Smith’s most recent shocking display of overreach and disregard for the Constitution, the Special Counsel’s Office asks the Court to enter an unconstitutional gag order as one of the release conditions on the leading candidate in the 2024 presidential election,” Trump’s attorneys wrote.

Last Friday night Special Counsel Jack Smith added to his gag order request against President Trump ahead of Monday’s hearing.

In a Friday night filing, Jack Smith reinforced his request for a gag order against Trump by claiming the federal agents involved in Hunter Biden’s care are receiving threats.

Jack Smith’s prosecutor David Harbach was so nasty and rude during Monday’s hearing on the proposed gag order that he was almost tossed out of the courtroom.

Judge Cannon admonished Harbach and warned him he would have to leave the courtroom if he couldn’t act appropriately.

Judge Aileen Cannon

“Mr. Harbach, I don’t appreciate your tone. I expect decorum in my courtroom at all times. If you cannot [act appropriately], one of your colleagues can,” Cannon said to Harbach according Julie Kelly who was inside the courtroom on Monday.

Harbach apologized to Judge Cannon after she threatened to throw him out of her courtroom: “I didn’t mean to be unprofessional.”

President Trump’s lead lawyer Todd Blanche argued that Jack Smith’s gag order would have a “chilling effect” on President Trump.

David Harbach argued that Trump isn’t allowed to lie about the FBI.

“Lies. Lies about the FBI coming to do violence to your family. In our opinion, that is way over the line,” Harbach said according to ABC News.

Trump didn’t lie about the FBI but lies are First Amendment protected speech.

Harbach threw a tantrum over protected speech and argued that Trump called for violence against the FBI.

“The most important thing is it talks about an event that is central to this case in utterly misleading terms,” Harbach said according to ABC News. “The government is at a loss to conceive any possible reason Mr. Trump would say something so false … and inviting of retributive violence.”

Judge Cannon wasn’t buying it and called him out.

“Where on the attachments do you see a call for violence?” Cannon said.

Judge Cannon last month indefinitely postponed the classified documents case after Special Counsel Jack Smith admitted to tampering with evidence.

The Judge vacated the May 20, 2024 trial date. It may be several months until Judge Cannon sets a new trial date.

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