EXCLUSIVE: What’s Happening in Lynchburg, Virginia? Shocking New Video Reveals Ballot Dropbox Left Open for Days, Mail-In Ballots Collected After Election, and No Security Camera Present!

Lynchburg, Virginia election official admits the ballot drop box was not emptied until days after the election.

As reported last week at The Gateway Pundit, the integrity of the Republican primary in Lynchburg has been called into question following a series of alleged procedural breaches.

The campaigns of Peter Alexander and Chris Faraldi, both candidates in the June 18th primary for City Council in Ward 4, reported multiple irregularities, including issues with mail-in ballots and potential breaches in the chain of custody.

According to the Lynchburg City Registrar, the race remains too close to call, with incumbent Chris Faraldi holding a narrow lead of 21 votes over Peter Alexander for the Ward 4 seat.

Source: City of Lynchburg, VA (.gov)

Concerns about the Lynchburg Republican primary center on several key issues. Primarily, there are significant concerns regarding the chain of custody of ballots collected from drop boxes.

Additionally, absentee ballot processing began before observers were permitted to monitor the process. Records also show that ballot box seals were broken before observers could watch, suggesting potential tampering or mishandling of ballots.

Peter Alexander’s campaign released the following statement:

“Election staff informed us that drop box bags from the precincts were pulled by electoral board member Steve Troxel on Thursday morning after the primary.

Concerns have arisen about the chain-of-custody of these ballots, and there is no documentation recording the number of ballots collected from each Election Day drop box bag in Ward IV. Why weren’t these ballots counted on election night?

On Friday, our observer was turned away from absentee ballot processing when it was scheduled to start at noon and asked to return 30 minutes later. Records show that ballot box seals were broken and absentee ballot processing started before our observer was permitted access to watch the process.

My opponent did not have any official observers present until after we raised concerns about the chain of custody of drop box ballots. Election staff confirmed that it had been standard practice to allow the ballot drop box to be stuffed until Friday, which violates Virginia law.”

Read the full press release here about the extraordinary chain of custody failures reported by Peter Alexander’s campaign.

Incumbent Ward IV Representative and Vice Mayor of Lynchburg Council, Chris Faraldi, also released his own statement regarding the election fraud allegations.

Read below:

We were made aware that the Lynchburg Registrar’s Office improperly handled ballots in obvious and flagrant violation of state code and election procedures.

Their ballot drop box was left unlocked and open. They miraculously found ballots in that unlocked drop box 3 days after the election, noon Friday, and began processing them. That’s well past Election Day and in violation of state law.

Furthermore, the Lynchburg Registrar and Electoral Board, handpicked by the local party establishment, refused to keep them separate from other ballots.

Mixing these ballots all together is not unlike mixing sand in a bottle — it is impossible to undo.

We’re aware that members of the Electoral Board and election officers have been big financial supporters and advisors to my opponent. Now, we’re fighting to stop them and fix this disastrous situation.

On election day, we fought the party establishment and won. This is just another battle against them. This is just another battle we are going to win.

We are committed to ensuring that every vote is counted fairly, and no undue influence or party establishment impacts the integrity of this election and your votes. I remain confident in a fair outcome on election day and trust that the integrity of our election process will be upheld.

A special thank you to Team McGuire for alerting us to these ‘miracle ballots’ and standing strong for free and fair elections.
Thank you for your continued support.


P.S. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Our campaign has utilized funds transparently and ethically, and we now need your assistance to ensure the integrity of this election.

Now, there is a video of Lynchburg election officials admitting they left the ballot drop box out for days after the election and accepted mail-in ballots days after Election Day.

Official admitting that there’s no security camera installed.

This is a shocking video.

Once again, it shows how broken policies and unserious officials are ruining the trust Americans have in our elections.


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