IT’S THE HOTTEST TICKET In The Crooked State of Michigan!—Trump Vs. Crooked Joe Biden—You Can Still Get Tickets to The Debate Party Of The Year With HILARIOUS Trump Impersonator

On the eve of the 2020 general election, residents went to bed late at night with the belief that Trump’s lead was so significant there was no way Joe Biden could overcome it, only to discover that in the wee hours of the morning on the day following the general election, hundreds of thousands of votes, almost out of thin air, materialized for Joe Biden, yet President Trump, who won the state in 2016, barely received any votes.

In the months before and in the hours, days, weeks, months, and even years after the 2020 election, evidence of provable voter fraud continued to be presented to members of the MI legislature, to the MI State Police, Muskegon Police, and even the FBI. Lawsuits were filed, and judges tossed most of them out of court. Michigan’s dirty SOS Jocelyn Benson was found guilty of violating election law in more than one court case, including a case where she told clerks to IGNORE signature matching on absentee ballots. Detroit Police confirmed SOS Benson lied about “armed” protesters in front of her home, a lie she continues to tell today. And just like in 2020, MI SOS Benson refuses to remove hundreds of thousands of illegitimate voters from the voter rolls before the 2024 election.

Michigan citizens are sick and tired of watching dirty, lawless elected leaders run our great state into the ground. The hopelessness citizens are feeling with a crooked majority in both houses of the MI legislature is palpable.  MI voters recognize that the only hope is to overwhelm the system with enough votes that Democrats can’t find enough phantom votes to steal the election [again] from President Trump. It’s important for President Trump, who has been demonized by the media, to get his message out to voters.

Trump vs. Biden debate image

President Trump’s first debate is scheduled for Thursday night and will be aired by CNN, whose moderators despise President Trump.

CNN’s Jake Tapper, who will “moderate” the debate on Thursday, once went off on a rant about how President Trump is the equivalent of Hitler:

The other CNN moderator, Dana Bash, is married to Jeremy Bash, one of 51 Intelligence Community members who signed the letter stating that Hunter Biden’s laptop was proven to be “disinformation.”

The odds have already been stacked against President Trump, as he will appear for his first debate against Crooked Joe Biden on the Trump-hating CNN cable news network, and the debate will be moderated by two hosts who despise President Trump. That’s why it’s so important to show up and show support for President Trump at debate parties across the country, especially in states like Michigan, where media outlets like CNN will try to prove Joe Biden has more support than the wildly popular Trump. Fake News outlets like CNN and local “reporters” like The Detroit News’ Craig Mauger will be working overtime to try to convince their viewers and readers that Joe Biden could actually win in a state where he is so unpopular. SHOW UP AND MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!

The hottest debate party ticket in Michigan will be hosted by Michigan’s most relevant and hard-working group, MCC (Michigan Conservative Coalition). Go HERE to purchase your tickets NOW! Please don’t wait until they’re sold out!

MCC has done more to help President Trump and other conservatives win key races than any other group in Michigan. Democrats so fear them that two of their founding leaders, Marian Sheridan and Meshawn Maddock, have been charged by the lawless Democrat AG Dana Nessel with eight felonies each for the “crime” of casting an alternate slate of electoral votes for President Trump in 2020. Of course, the goal is to bankrupt and make Trump’s best supporters and leaders in the Trump movement in Michigan look like criminals in their communities. Still, these two fearless ladies aren’t going into hiding anytime soon.

Meshawn Maddock and Marian Sheridan of MCC

Trump impersonator Bob diBuono will be the MC of the event, and it will be EPIC!

If you can’t make the event but want to donate to MCC, a group that will be working overtime to help ensure that Trump is re-elected in Michigan, you can go HERE to donate.

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