JUST IN: Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Recall WINS! Recall Election Expected on August 6 After WEC Meets on Thursday

The effort to recall Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos successfully turned in enough signatures to trigger a recall election.

This is despite Robin Vos’ attempts to intimidate recall circulators with surveillance and police investigations and to sabotage efforts using unknown individuals from across the nation.

Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) staff released a 223-page memo Tuesday, recommending that “the Commission find the petition sufficient, and that the Commission formally attach a certificate of sufficiency to the petition.”

The recall effort comes after a recent discovery that Vos sits on the CCP-tied Legislative Leaders Foundation Board of Directors. Likely because of this, Vos “has not moved on legislation to hold China accountable when he’s had multiple opportunities to do so,” according to a Wisconsin State Legislator.

Additionally, Vos has fought against efforts to secure elections and get to the bottom of the stolen 2020 election in Wisconsin. It is speculated that he is doing everything possible to stop Trump in 2024, including fighting vigorously to keep corrupt Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe in office.

However, Vos argues that because recall signatories are electors of the “63rd Assembly District” and the state Supreme Court ruled that the legislative maps are unconstitutional, “the recall was initiated in the incorrect Assembly District and fails.”

This is despite Vos still being listed as representing the 63rd Assembly District:

Screenshot from Robin Vos’ Assembly webpage

According to the Racine Recall Committee, the WEC will meet on Thursday to certify the recall. Recall organizers say the WEC will hear from attorneys for the recall and attorneys for Vos and vote on whether or not to issue a recall.

The election is expected to be set for August 6:

Per Wis Politics:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission staff review of the petitions seeking to recall Assembly Speaker Robin Vos found his opponents turned in enough valid signatures to trigger an election.

Still, the agency staff declined to weigh in on whether Vos, R-Rochester, can be recalled from the 63rd AD that he was elected to in 2022 after the state Supreme Court barred the use of that map going forward.

In a 233-page memo prepared for Thursday’s commission meeting, agency staff found recall organizers turned in 6,866 valid signatures in the 63rd AD, just more than the 6,850 needed to trigger a recall.

That memo also leaves it to the six commissioners to decide whether Vos can be recalled from the 63rd AD. The staff noted the Supreme Court’s December decision barring the use of the 2022 maps going forward. In February, new maps were put in place that moved Vos to the 33rd AD, but those lines don’t take effect until the fall election.

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