Glenn Beck Offers Trump Some Excellent Advice for CNN Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck devoted part of his show on Wednesday to discussing the upcoming debate and offered Trump some pretty sound advice.

Beck suggests that Trump sort of freeze Biden out of the discussion, ignore attacks from the moderators and speak directly to the American people.

The way Beck lays this out actually makes sense.

Partial transcript via WBEX Radio:

GLENN: Uh-huh. Now, Donald Trump could come in and debate with Joe Biden. I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t debate with Joe Biden. I wouldn’t debate with Joe — with Jake tapper. I would just say, look, what was your question, Jake?

It was about Ukraine. And what we’re going to do with Ukraine?

Okay. I’m not going to debate a guy on foreign policy.

He’s responsible for the disaster of Afghanistan. For the Taliban of being back.

For the Russia Ukraine war.

For the Middle East.

The Russia/Ukraine and now the Middle East has brought our gas prices. Our food prices. And inflation to record highs!

So I’m not going to — I’m not going to even talk about what he’s doing.

I’m just telling you right now, the American people, cannot take it anymore.

The American people cannot afford these kinds of decisions coming again. Well, what do you talk about, he’s created X-number of jobs? No. He hasn’t. And have the facts. The New York Times even says. The — the Los Angeles Times just reported. And you could find them. There’s been no job growth in California.

The last year of all of the reported job growth in California, was bogus. If you look at our job growth right now, you know who is getting jobs? Illegals. You know who is not? There has not been any job growth since this man got into office, with Americans. Other than part-time jobs. More and more people have to take part-time work. Work two, three, even four jobs just to support the family.

They can’t afford rent. Why? Why did all of this happen?

Because of his policies. So don’t ask me to debate him on any of these things. He’s so wrong, it’s not worth anyone’s time. Here’s what I promise the American people: Your inflation is going to take a while to turn around. But I — I agree, it exists. This man told you, it didn’t exist.

Watch the video below:

The debate is going to be closely watched by millions of people. Trump has a real opportunity to win over more voters.

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