MSNBC’s Joy Reid Finds It ‘Deeply Offensive’ That Trump Allowed to ‘Stand Next to the Actual President’ at Debate (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s resident wacko Joy Reid finds it “deeply offensive” that Donald Trump will be allowed to stand next to Joe Biden at the presidential debate on Thursday.

Speaking with commentator Jennifer Palmieri on her show The Reid Out, the pair previewed the debate between Trump and Biden, which will be hosted by CNN.

Here is a transcript of the exchange:

REID: Mary Trump’s book, the thing that comes through is the word that hurts him most is fail. Thing they were not allowed to be was failures in that family. He’s sensitive to failure and not being loved. He’s very needy. It does seem there are key words Biden could use. Fail is one, felon feels like a good one. Is that what the Biden team is drilling him on to get these words in to bug him?

PALMIERI: If you try to let your candidate go out with too many things in their head, that is not good. And most important is for people to see Biden with a good, strong performance. If he’s flummoxed because something doesn’t land that is not as important as the juxtaposition of the two of them and him hitting key points.

Biden is good at this already. He has zero respect for Donald Trump. He grew up not having any respect for someone born wealthy and didn’t work hard. This is deep. I don’t think he’s intimidated by Trump the way that the Republicans want to say.

REID: Are you all as offended as I am about the fact that it’s possible for this person, who is a felon and adjudicated sexual assaulter, to stand next to the actual president and we’re supposed to take him seriously? There’s something deeply offensive about that.

Reid, who recently shaved her head to avoid comparisons to Donald Trump, is notorious for her ludicrous statements and rhetoric.

Earlier this month, Reid smeared  Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, accusing the conservative jurist of aiming to create an American “ethno-state.”

“It feels like Alito is unrestrained at this point. He doesn’t care who knows that he wants to make the country into a Christian nationalist, you know, ethno-state or whatever it is he thinks he would create under this Handmaid’s Tale vision,” Reid said at the time. “He doesn’t care if people know that he takes lavish vacations and the right doesn’t care.”

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