MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson Savagely Dismantles ‘Dumb’ and ‘Stupid’ Far-Left Reporter at Australian Freedom Conference

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In an explosive segment, former Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson eviscerated a far-left Australian media reporter during a Q&A session at the Australian Freedom Conferences on Tuesday for her nonsensical and misleading questions.

The exchange began with a reporter questioning Carlson about immigration and the Great Replacement Theory, accusing him of promoting the idea that white Australians, Americans, and Europeans are being replaced by nonwhite immigrants.

However, Carlson quickly shut down her insinuations, stating that he had never claimed that whites are being replaced. Instead, he emphasized his concern for native-born Americans of all races who are being overlooked by their leaders.

Carlson promptly corrected her: “I said native-born Americans are being replaced, including blacks, native-born Americans… Their concerns are every bit as real and valid and alive to me as the concerns of white people whose families have been there for 400 years.”

Tucker went on to express his concern that the leaders of countries have shifted their priorities from their own citizens to people around the world. He criticized this as immoral and argued that it’s leading to the replacement of people born in their own countries.

TUCKER CARLSON: I didn’t say it and I don’t believe it, and I’m telling you that to your face. So why don’t you just accept me at face value? My concern is that the people who are born in the country are the main responsibility of its leaders. And as noted earlier, when those leaders shift their concern from the people whose responsibility it is to take care of to people around the world, to put their priorities above those of their own citizens, that’s immoral.”

“They are being replaced. In my country, people who were born in the United States, and the birth rate tells the whole story. They are not at replacement rate. And so the U.S. population is growing because we’re importing people from other countries.”

Carlson further lambasted the reporter for implying his views were racist. Although she denied calling Tucker a racist, he wasn’t convinced, as it was clear she was insinuating it.

TUCKER CARLSON: But of course, you are suggesting it. My view is that happy people have children, and a functioning economy allows them to do that, and we don’t have that. So you need to fix the economy and fix the culture and make it so that people who want to have kids can. You don’t just go for the quick sugar fix of importing new people. That’s my position. If you think that’s racist, that’s your problem.”

REPORTER: I never called you a racist.

TUCKER CARLSON: But of course, you are suggesting it. I must say one of the reasons why people don’t like people like you in the media is that you never say exactly what you mean. Your slurs are all by implication. You’re about to tell me the Great Replacement Theory is racist or anti-Semitic, whatever. I’ve said what I’ve said to you right now like 100 times in public. I hope to, if I live long enough, to say it 100 more times. I think it’s completely honest and real, not racist or scary. It’s factually true. It’s not a theory; it’s a fact. The whole point of your question was to be like, “You’re a scary racist.” And my response is, “No, I’m not.” How about no more lying in your questions, and then I’ll answer them.”

In a particularly fiery exchange, the reporter suggested that Carlson’s views could have inspired the Buffalo shooting in New York where 11 Jewish Americans were killed. However, Carlson swiftly condemned the insinuation, calling the reporter dumb and stupid.

REPORTER: This is the same theory, or as you say, idea, that has inspired the New York, Buffalo shooting where 11 Jewish Americans were killed.

TUCKER CARLSON: Oh God! Come on! First of all–

REPORTER: It’s inspired the worst, one of the worst Australian —

TUCKER CARLSON: “How do they get people this stupid in the media? I guess it doesn’t pay well. Look, I’m sorry, I’ve lived among people like you for too long. I don’t mean to call you stupid; maybe you’re just pretending to be. But I’m totally against violence. I’m totally against the war in Ukraine, for example, which doubless you support and, like all dutiful liberals, support more carnage. I don’t. I hate mass shootings, actually. Nothing I said would inspire anything. My views are not bigoted against any group. They’re honest. They’re factual. That’s not hate; that’s reality. My views derive from my deep concern for Americans. Americans aren’t having kids because they can’t afford to, and nobody in charge cares. So that’s my position. That doesn’t inspire mass shootings. How dare you try to tie me to some lunatic who murdered people. How dare you, actually?

“I mean, do you know what I mean? It’d be like, “Hitler wore those shoes. A lot of people are saying that you’re like Hitler. Can you explain those shoes? Hitler wore exactly the same shoes.” And you’re like, “I’ve got nothing to do with Hitler.” That’s how I feel about your absurd, disingenuous question.”

The conversation took a bizarre turn when the reporter then asked if Carlson supported gun control. He responded by affirming his belief in the right of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families. He also pointed out his opposition to disarming citizens so that the government has a monopoly on violence.

REPORTER: So, therefore, you support gun control.

TUCKER CARLSON: What?! I thought it couldn’t get dumber but it did. No, I don’t support disarming law-abiding people so they can’t defend themselves, so the government has a monopoly on violence. I don’t think so. First of all, in my country, that’s illegal, as you know. But moreover, it should be illegal in every country. A sovereign person has the right to defend himself and his family, period. That said, I’m opposed to harming anyone, anyone.

Are you concerned about the war in Ukraine and the countless innocents being murdered there every single day?

I doubt you are. Probably, “Putin bad.” I am. I’m a Christian. I hate violence. I hate mass shootings. I have guns at home and often on my person when I’m in the United States, I’m proud to say, because I want to defend myself and those I love against violence. That’s the point. I’m not perpetrating crimes. I’m not shooting strangers. I’m defending what I love. If you’re against that, I guess I would ask why. Why would you be against that?

REPORTER: So you don’t think you harbor any kind of responsibility for these hate crimes?

TUCKER CARLSON: I’m sorry, I’m trying to be charitable. I’m trying to be charitable. I was like, maybe you’re just pretending to be dumb. Now I don’t think it’s an act.

I just feel sorry. I mean, because I got here and the country is so unbelievably beautiful, and the people are so cheerful and funny and cool and smart. I’m like, your media has got to be better than ours. It can’t just be a bunch of castrated robots reading questions from the boss, and then it turns out it’s exactly the same. Maybe even a tiny bit dumber.


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