Adam Carolla Leaves CA Gov. Gavin Newsom a Stuttering Mess “A Man Whose Policies Are So Bad He Can’t Even Defend Them”

Adam Carolla leaves CA Governor Gavin Newsom a stuttering mess during News Nation’s pre-debate coverage.

Comedian and host Adam Carolla recently announced that he will leave California when his twin teenagers graduate from high school.  A decision that comes in large part from the destruction of the state under  “narcissistic” Democrat Gavin Newsom.

During an interview on The Sage Steele Show, he called Newsom a “sociopathic” figure who he described as a “slippery eel of nothingness.”

Newsom joined News Nation before Thursday night’s Presidential Debate. The Governor likely thought the focus would be on gaslighting viewers about Joe Biden’s ability to perform well (spoiler, he didn’t) and coquettishly addressing rumors that, if the Dems dump Joe, he would step up to the top of the ticket.

Carolla, however, had a different series of questions that rendered the far-left Newsom a stuttering mess.

Carolla: Governor, why did you shut the beaches in California during Covid?

Newsom: I think we all were working on information at the time….we had no basis of deeply understanding the virus…”

Carolla: So you didn’t know anything so why’d you shut the beaches?


Carolla: If you didn’t know anything why’d you shut the beaches?

Newsom: Well, we didn’t know (awkward pause and deer-in-headlights smile)…because people were concerned early in the pandemic…information was coming out as it relates to how it was transferred…the disease…and people were cautious trying to keep people alive.


Carolla: So you didn’t let them go in the sunshine and get vitamin D and exercise so you shut the beaches. Okay. And you arrested a guy who was paddle boarding in the Bay…Okay. Any science behind that? Any science at all behind that? Why’d you shut down outdoor dining?

Newsom: Always good to see you, Adam.

Newsom’s smarmy grin, while discussing his Draconian measures that devastated the lives of millions of Californians, says everything you need to know about the man.

CA Governor Gavin Newsom smiles while discussing his disastrous COVID policies that devastated Californians./Image: Video screenshot


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