The Obama Bros Have Meltdown Over Biden’s Debate Performance: ‘It Was a F**king Disaster’ (VIDEO)

The former Obama speech writers now known as the Obama Bros, who run a podcast called ‘Pod Save America’ had a total meltdown over Biden’s awful performance in the CNN debate.

Like most other liberals in media, they called Joe’s performance a ‘f**king disaster.’

They even correctly suggested that Joe made himself look even worse through his feeble voice and appearance. For once, these guys are saying something about Biden that’s true and accurate.

Breitbart News reported:

Watch: Pod Save America Hosts Sound Alarm on ‘F-cking Disaster’ Biden Debate

The hosts of Pod Save America, former Barack Obama aides Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, Jon Lovett, and Dan Pfeiffer, criticized President Joe Biden’s performance at CNN’s Thursday night debate with former President Donald Trump.

Favreau said, “I think it was a fucking disaster. I think it was maybe the worst debate I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Donald Trump is a threat to democracy, Donald Trump is just a despicable human being, he should not be president, we have to do literally everything we possibly can to make sure that he is not president again, and that is why it was so fucking awful because Joe Biden in every single way failed at that debate.”

Vietor said, “Debates are a performance and what you say and how you say it both matter and so the optics to start there were very bad tonight. He had to answer concerns about his age, I think he exacerbated them. His voice sounded frail. There was an answer where he kind of stalled out halfway through.”

Watch the clip below:

It’s amazing that all of these people are just suddenly noticing that there is something wrong with Biden.

Where have they been for the last four years?

Watch more below, if you like.

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