Victor Reacts: Joe Biden is COOKED and Sinking the Democrat Party (VIDEO)

Christmas must have come early as Joe Biden, despite getting trampled in the debate, has announced that not only will he refuse to drop out of the race but he wants to do a second debate!

The Gateway Pundit reported,

In the wake of a widely criticized debate performance on Thursday night, there have been growing calls from left-wing politicians, commentators, and activists for Joe Biden to step down in favor of a candidate not rumored to be suffering from a form of dementia.

However, it appears that Biden remains resolute in his decision to stay in the race.

Biden, who is currently the oldest sitting U.S. president at 81, will return to the debate stage in September. This decision came to light when CNN’s senior White House correspondent Kayla Tausche reported on Friday, quoting an adviser close to Biden, according to the New York Post.

Despite concerns from within his own party, Biden is also not considering dropping out of the race, according to The Guardian.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this month that Democrats have a secret plan to replace feeble Joe Biden if he falters in his initial debate with Trump or if his poll ratings continue to decline.

A concerted effort by Democratic heavyweights such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer would be required to persuade Biden to step down—a scenario described as high risk by a Democratic strategist speaking to DailyMail.com.

There is simply no recovering from what happened at the first debate. Joe Biden is single-handedly sinking the entire Democrat party. The next few months could be very interesting.

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