Biden Panders to Group at Pride Event, Once Again Confused (VIDEO)

One day after getting destroyed on the debate stage, crooked Joe Biden headed to New York City on Friday to pander to a group at a pride event.

The barely conscious Biden went to the Stonewall National Monument visitor center. Among the people in attendance was singer Elton John.

Not surprisingly, Biden appeared confused in speech and, at times, appeared to not know where to stand.

At one point, Biden’s head was hiding behind the teleprompter while he stood next to singer Elton John. He then proceeded to stand behind the singer.


After briefly commenting to the singer and shaking his hand, Biden shuffled away.


Biden, once again, was incoherent and made no sense.

“As you can tell, I want to say a hell of a lot more but I’m not going to. Because I want to hear a guy, you know, the guy that you probably heard about,” Biden rambled.


Biden was confused as to whether or not a Senator was present in the room.


According to a recent report by Axios, Biden is only fully functional from 10 am to 4 pm. It is evident everywhere he goes.

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