New Poll Finds Trump With Slight Lead Over Biden in New Jersey

Donald Trump has taken a slight lead over Joe Biden in blue New Jersey, according to new polling from Coefficient.

Trump has spoken about making a serious play for New Jersey in this election and if this poll is accurate, it looks like he has a chance to do so.

It’s also important to point out that this poll was conducted before the debate on Thursday night which exposed Biden’s mental decline to the country.

RedState reports:

Dems Are Going to Flip Out: NJ Poll Has Shocking, New Numbers in Presidential Race

If there was ever a state that one would bet their money on to stay in the grip of the Democrats, it might be New Jersey.

But now there’s a poll out that is truly shocking; it has Trump up in New Jersey by one point.

Trump is leading Biden 41 to 40, when one counts in Robert F. Kennedy Jr at 7 percent and undecided at 13. If there was ever a “wow,” that would be it. In the 2020 election, Biden was up about 16 percent. If it’s moved that close, that’s incredible.

The poll is of likely voters, so that’s good. It’s even from before the debate, so that hasn’t influenced it. That might even make the numbers move more in Trump’s favor. CNN’s snap poll after the debate said 67 percent thought that Trump won, compared to 33 for Biden.

See the numbers below:

People reacted on Twitter/X:

Trump winning New Jersey in November would send a shock wave through the world of politics and media.

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