New J6 Political Prisoner Podcast Exposes The Dark Truth Of America’s Prison System

J6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel is aghast after another inmate on his cell block in Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn returned to the cell block with new breast implants while he has been routinely denied life-saving surgery.

Samsel discusses the extent transgender inmates are discriminatorily provided special treatment in jails and prisons across the country as he and other heterosexual inmates are in the battle of their lives with activist judges, the Bureau of Prisons and the Federal for vital medical procedures.      

“I am forced to watch a man walk around with male pattern baldness, makeup, breasts, a penis, muscles, a beard, ponytail. It’s like a platterpus — I have to look at this thing and I have to obey it. It’s allowed to just walk in front of me, butt in front of me and if I say something, they’ll say, ‘Go ahead and do something. You’ll get 20 years.’

“They don’t get their locker searched because they wear panties and they are not men or women. They’re exempt from being shaken down so they can have drugs, phones, whatever they want.”

As The Gateway Pundit has reported, Samsel suffers from thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition that causes the chronic development of blood clots left untreated. If the clots erupt they could instantly take his life, or they could develop into fibroids, which dramatically obstruct blood flow, which has happened thus far. US District Judge Jia Cobb has repeatedly refused to authorize the physicians’ recommendation for surgery while his attorney Stanley Woodward has refused to file a habeas corpus lawsuit that will convince the judge to allow him adequate medical treatment.

While J6ers are being prosecuted as if they murdered, robbed and raped, transexual prisoners, “most” of whom “are child molesters” in the prison, “are treated with most top priority,” Samsel explained on episode one of The Effort. “If it wants something it gets it. It gets laser hair removal. Judge Cobb sent me to three different hospitals. Every hospital said this man needed surgery. This thing just got back from getting breast implants — they gave this man breast implants.

“When I ask this man-woman thing– she-man, ‘How do I get surgery?’ ‘What do I do?’ It was offended.  It said, no, you can’t get it because you are not transexual.”

The 40-year-old former barber and former MMA fighter said the BOP began instituting policies over a decade ago to cater to male inmates who identify as female who had received breast implants. To accommodate transexuals, all inmates were forced to wear wool brown shirts, even during heatwaves, to prevent men from seeing through the shirts of men with breasts, or face violence and harassment from prison staff.

Samsel, who has been incarcerated since Jan. 29, 2021, for protesting at the Save America rally on January 6, 2021, also sheds light on the need for support for Steve Bannon, urging the American public to letters and potential commissary contributions to commend the former White House advisor for “standing for what he believes in.”

Real prison reform can arise from imprisoning influential figures like Bannon and Peter Navarro, the J6 prisoner contends.

“I am glad that Steve Bannon is in jail because this is where change had to happen. Trump is going to win the presidency in 2024. Peter Navarro, Steve Bannon — when these guys go to jail, you know they’re going to tell Trump, ‘You need to fix this prison system because there’s no rehabilitation.’ They’re creating demonic, sick people in there and it is disgusting.

“You may say, ‘Steve doesn’t need money, but I think we should show him recognition, even if it’s 20 dollars, 10 dollars. He gave up a lot to stand for what he believes. He deserves gratitude. I am going to donate $200 to his commissary.”


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